What's That Function?

What's That Function?

TL;DR; I've launched a Youtube channel and Website where I post quick and simple coding tutorial videos.

The initial content will be videos explaining some Clojure functions and explaining how they are used in the real world. I hope to add some video's about libraries as well as longer form "Let's build something" videos in the near future.

A big focus is to make these videos easy to watch and quick to consume. My hope is that, as the library grows, it will be a spring board for those new to Clojure and an avenue of discovery for those familiar with it. I've been doing Clojure for years now and still learned something new just making the contains? video. Hopefully these videos can do the same for you.

Suggestions and comments for improvement or videos you would like to see are welcome.

You can support the channel by subscribing and sharing where you feel it can have an impact.

Thanks for watching!