Some Updates Yeah

Some Updates Yeah

So I have not posted a new blog post in a while, but don't fret! I have a bunch of Domain Driven Design and Clean Code content that I will get out to you in the next few month. Exciting stuff!

So why so quiet?

Well a bunch of things have been happening. And I have been creating content, just in some different places!

First of All I am a speaker at the jsinsa conference this coming Saturday (11 July). jsinsa is a fun yearly javascript conference in Johannesburg and I have the privilege of sharing my experience in building a culture of Chatops.

jsinsa logo

And in some other big news I have been working on a Chatops course for due end of July. Pluralsight is an online training library aimed at hardcore developer training. They are great and I am super excited to work with them. My course is halfway done and I will be sure to let you know when it is out!

pluralsight logo

I have also been giving some internal Domain Driven Design training at my company and have had some interesting DDD experience in my team. I will definitely be talking about it here. This includes the Project Template that I started, testing and the problems with repositories. I'm looking forward to getting these discussions going!

See you soon!