Go For Launch

Go For Launch

I love to learn. When I learn something awesome I have a compulsive need to share it with people around me that might benefit. As part of building my teaching brand I co-started a Clean Code forum at my company and also made regular posts on the company's technical blog. Although this helped establish my brand at the company, I realized that if I left, I would have to leave most of the brand behind.

I was playing around with the idea of writing a blog for a while as a place to keep how-to's for myself. My friend Pierre de Plessis happened to share the book Show Your Work and after reading it there was no more holding back. The time for waiting and doubt was over.

So without knowing too much I rolled out SneakyCode. The day after it went live, John Sonmez tweeted about a free blogging course. This is well timed, I thought. Little did I know that John would help me focus and commit to building SneakyCode as an essential part of my brand. And he was doing it for free, engaging with me via email and helping me overcome uncertainty.

+1 for awesomeness John!

I have high hopes for this blog. It will drive me to learn more, to share what I have learned and to hopefully open doors that normally would have seem entirely out of reach.