Event Sourcing and Battling Accidental Complexity (DevDay2016)

Event Sourcing and Battling Accidental Complexity (DevDay2016)

For the last year I have been delving into Event Sourcing in my free time. From total ignorance to complete understanding, back to not having an idea what is going on and then epiphany after epiphany, it has been a fun, eye opening journey. It is such a different way of thinking, and ties in so beautifully with Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Clean Code. It solves so many problems that I did not even realize I had. It simplifies implementation, highlights the application features, separates concerns, provide flexibility, maintainability, scalability and many more things.

And for the life of me I Cannot Understand Why We Have Not Been Doing It!

Today, Friday 22, 2016, I am talking about 3 common choices that we as developers make on a daily basis that adds accidental complexity into our applications, and how we can leverage event sourcing to combat these. I am so exited! #ShareAllTheThings!

In prep for the talk I have placed my current thoughts and understanding of event sourcing into a bundle of information, accompanied by a simple application showing how one could go about implementing event sourcing. By no means does it cover everything, but I believe it will serve as a great starting point for anyone wanting to checkout event sourcing.

Jump over and have a look at Easy Event Sourcing. Please share if you like it and please help me where I am getting things wrong. Together we can be better.

For those interested in the talk you can find my slides here.

If you want to learn more about Event Sourcing and being awesome in general then go here immediately.

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